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Sakura adds a new marker to their popular line of solid paint markers. These Solid Marker Splitters are handmade in Japan with 4-8 colors mixed on a single barrel. These Splitters offer awesome effects and should definitely be in your marker arsenal. 

1.GumBall - Green, Purple, Peach, Pink, Light Pink, Red
2.BeachBall - Red, Light Pink, Orange, Purple, Dark Blue, Green
3.Sunset - Green, Dark Blue, 3xPeach, Purple,Red,Orange
4.Rainbow - Dark Blue, Purple, Red, Orange,Yellow, Green
5.World - Dark Blue, Purple, Red, Orange,Yellow, Green, White, Black
6.Lime - Green, Yellow
7.Fruit - 2x Yellow, Orange, Red, Black, Dark Blue
8.Alien - 2x Purple, 2x Orange, 2x Pink



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