The best 20mm tip marker on the market filled with 40ml of Stealth Ink refill.

40 ml / 1,4 oz

- filled in Molotow EM411 marker

- contains Molotow Flowmaster-valve, Molotow Sidekick-Cap and Molotow 20mm T-Style Tip

- felt-tip is replaceable

- marker is refillable

- invisible when applied

- appears after contact with UV rays

- turns into dark brown / black shade -super long lifespam - almost impossible to buff !


Although Stealth Ink is very thin liquid, Molotow Sidekick-Cap - the airtight high-tech cap - prevents leaking! Molotow simply makes the best markers and that`s why Stealth chose it. Invisible Stealth Ink formula is enhances by the UV rays - best by sunshine or any other light. The more your mark is exposed to UV rays, the darker it gets. Direct sunshine works the best, subway lights takes longer - same with summer and winter condition.

Stealth Ink Mrkr Big